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  2. Review: Samsung Galaxy S8- first impressions

    That brings back fond (?) memories of working for Scottish and Cumbrian COOP and getting electronic tills into some very remote stores for the first time, to replace the old mechanical cash registers ( i kid you not.. ) We had a specialist team from BT shadowing us, who had the skills to run ISDN lines into remote villages invisibly - so they could lift and replace cobbled streets etc. I have equally fond (?) memories about trying to teach store managers about swiping credit cards through readers to enable On-Line Authorisations ....
  3. Halcyon days indeed. I wonder what broadband speed they get up there now? I'd have played bloody murder with them over that! We're off to Shropshire in a few weeks so hoping to have awesome stars as we did a couple of years ago.
  4. You could see millions of stars! I only moved because work asked me to look after Shell in Manchester but then gave me Shell Aberdeen to continue with! I wasn't happy. The only problem would have been broadband - as I worked for BT they extended ISDN2 out from the neighbouring exchange to me (and work paid for it!) so I had voice and 64kbps or 128kbps bonded! Those were the days...
  5. SquareHome 2 launcher

    Welcome. Easy enough, turn on edit screen, hit the add icon and select 'Cube'
  6. The quiet life suits me completely. Give me dark skies and a fast broadband connection and I'm happy Tony I'd never have moved from there!
  7. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Yep agreed, mobile solutions like this are ideal. Back in the days of yore (LOL) I used to love programming on the move on the Psion 5MX.
  8. SquareHome 2 launcher

    Glad you have it sorted! If you have any more queries, feel free to pop back here and ask! It would be quicker for you if you registered for site membership- it's free and once you are established your posts won't need moderator approval!
  9. SquareHome 2 launcher

  10. SquareHome 2 launcher

    Hi Been using SH2 for ages finally purchased for the full options but I can't seem to find how to add a cube style tile. Any help will be much appreciated thanks
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  12. The farm is connected to a rural WiFi network from the village on the next hill. Although there are occasional drop outs we generally get 14Mbps down and 2Mbps up. Both twice as fast as we get here at home in Essex @Tony: yes, we love the place for its tranquility, beauty and facilities. You do need to like the quiet life though!
  13. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    For me it's perfect as it's on my phone. I can literally change a few blocks while waiting for water to boil when I'm cooking. If this were on PC and I had to sit down to tinker with it, I wouldn't have been able to try out anything.
  14. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Cool, still not found time to do any more experimentation myself
  15. Top photos as usual Neil, good to see the badgers are still around. What is the Internet connectivity like out there?
  16. The Bookviser forum has now been deleted

    It was indeed, but alas the wheel turns I guess and developers move on...
  17. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    My testing is starting to show better results now. It managed to ask me for the ticket yesterday, after which it started a delay of 24 hours as I had chosen the ticket for a full day. Up comes the next problem: I work in a concrete block, Automate can't get my location when I'm at work to check if I need a new ticket. I'm going to add in a wifi check instead, to be tested next week. Making progression with my alarm clock as well. It's a bit tricky to get it working without automate checking the day of the week every second, but the 'smart snooze' is already working. I'm sure I could do it neater if I knew how to actually program and could use some of the more advanced blocks and options. Would love to keep this under 30 blocks so it's a 'free' flow that doesn't require a subscription. I'm trying to add a notification as well that tells you for what day and hour the alarm is set. It's possible to do so if it's set for just one day, not so sure I can pull it off if you'd set an alarm for say all weekdays. Anyhow, the notification would definitely bring the app over 30 blocks.
  18. Having just returned from a holiday in Umbria, central Italy, I thought I'd post a few camera shots. We've been going to the same region for 10 years so tend to take far fewer photos these days! Many of them are at dusk which does show up the limitations of a phone camera, but overall I'm pretty happy with the results. Most of the time, the settings are set for Auto apart from the sunset shot where I needed to adjust the exposure to prevent total blackout of the landscape. The jazz concert was at about 11pm in the village square- cooler than the 40 degree daytime temperatures that week The second image shows the village at night on the next hill, from our terrace at the farmhouse. The badgers were nightly visitors, looking for figs, but not averse to a few biscuits!
  19. The Bookviser forum has now been deleted

    Shame, as Bookviser was a great product when it was being properly developed and supported
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  21. As we advised: The Bookviser forum has now been deleted.
  22. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Thanks for that when I get around to doing the testing I'll look at Automate as well.
  23. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Well, testing so far didn't go as hoped. I have to rethink how I handle the bluetooth. For some reason my bluetooth didn't switch off at one point, and it messed everything up. Already made a few small changes, hope that everything is resolved now, but of course, I'll need to wait till tomorrow to be able to test again. I stumbled upon Automate before I learned about Tasker. As ever, Automate is free to a certain degree, which I do prefer. I've bought it since though. From checking the android app store pictures, automate seems like a much more visual experience, where you're dragging and linking your commands, where tasker just lists them? One advantage seems to be that tasker allows for you to change what the home button and such do, which I haven't been able to pull off in Automate. Automate is free up to 30 command blocks active at any time, so you can check that out as well if you're interested. There's a lot of stuff the community makes that will run with less than 30 blocks. You can even have both apps work together to some extent, as there's a block in automate that allows for tasker plug-ins of sorts.
  24. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    @SupremeAC Kudos here, you are doing sterling work. Have you looked at Tasker at all, supposed to be the best automation system and on reduced price offer at the moment - I bought it last night ready for testing out.
  25. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Well done, again. Keep us informed on how the testing goes.
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