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  2. Your Google info and how to delete it

    No doubt they are all at it!
  3. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

  4. Your Google info and how to delete it

    Not as scary as Facebook still! And have no doubt that Apple is doing exactly the same thing with user data.
  5. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    Indeed, but that is my lot for now!
  6. Your Google info and how to delete it

    Scary stuff, but hey if you use Google's search Engine and Android well you know what you are in for!
  7. This is a revealing article regarding how much data Google stores about their users, but at least you can do something about it! https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/google-knows-literally-everything-about-you-heres-how-to-stop-it_uk_5abb68dde4b06409775b7d2b?a87&utm_hp_ref=uk-homepage
  8. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    😀 has to be done!
  9. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    I'm restraining myself from buying too many watch faces at the moment. Saying that I did buy a watch pack of 12 for $4.99
  10. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    Now that's cool. I haven't looked for ones on wear OS, but did have one for the Gear S3..£
  11. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    It is rather. There is even an LCARS watch face but it's a paid item so I've held off buying it, I might though yet!
  12. I have a talking box from Amazon

    Enjoy mate, we use our lady daily for playing music, adding items to various lists like shopping, playing music, controlling the home cinema, etc.
  13. I have a talking box from Amazon

    It's one reason why I don't get these things. Also, I still don't believe I have a need for them. 'You can listen to your music' - er no - not to the standard I am used to, not in stereo and I have Sonos and streaming hi-fi components around the house for casual listening. 'You can set reminders' - maybe but not much use if I am out when the reminder needs to remind me - I'll stick with my phone, thanks... Just two examples before we get into privacy elements.
  14. I have Alexa sitting in our dining room ready and waiting! I'll fire her up tomorrow and see how she goes. It's a second generation Amazon Echo, £59.99 with student discount so had to be done. I do still worry about the security issues though, perhaps I should be less paranoid or I'll never have any fun!
  15. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    Looks good mate, very star trek-esque!
  16. News:Fitbit Versa launched

    Yep will be a while though, FitbitOS 2 has only just launched on the devices.
  17. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    Here you go with a few random photos! My current fave watch face: An incoming notification: A few other watch faces: And finally the rather decent looking strap. As you can see it is a very svelte, slim and light device.
  18. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    Interesting last use there D. I'll have to find some time to look at IFTTT again!
  19. News:Fitbit Versa launched

    Cool. Good that it is coming, I do use the facility occasionally on the Watch 2.
  20. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    There will be, still playing nicely and finding decent watch faces So far I've now: Got the weather working Set up the Switchr app so I can use Maker/IFTTT to control the Sky System Got it controlling the music playback (well Audible book play / pause) on the Note 8 Got Strava fully linked and working Set up IFTTT action to log sleep and fitness to spreadsheets on Google Drive
  21. News:Fitbit Versa launched

    I did wonder. Yep so far it seems to be working very well. Correct, that is supposedly coming this year but not there yet. Mind you it was not a facility I used on the S3 either.
  22. News:Fitbit Versa launched

    The loss of actions, does that mean you can't reply to notifications etc?
  23. Fitbit Ionic in the house!

    Nice one mate, any on the wrist pics then?
  24. News:Fitbit Versa launched

    Lol, how I wrote that lord knows! Your new wearable seems to suit your needs perfectly then.
  25. News:Fitbit Versa launched

    GPS dating? I may be up at silly o'clock but that one still misses the half awake brain It does have on board GPS for exercise tracking. It works very well and as good as on the S3. I linked both the S3 and the Ionic to Strava so I get walking maps like one used to get on with the MS Band. There are very few apps for it, even less than the S3, but I was not that app heavy a user anyway so not missing those. Amazed how light and comfortable it is I have to say. Plus the heart rate monitor works whereas the one on the S3 wouldn't due to the tattoos so very happy over that!
  26. News:Fitbit Versa launched

    Has it got GPS Dating? Here maps work really well on the S3 now the app has been fixed and updated.
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