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  2. News:Major update for the S3 incoming

    Back OT: Well since the S3 feature update last weekend my S3 has been terrible on battery life, that is down to 65-70%ish at the end of the working day instead of the usual 85%ish. So today I've done a full hard reset and (as my main bank account is not supported by Samsung Pay) have not enabled NFC, (and as I'm not actively tracking walking / hiking during winter) I've turned off GPS. We'll see how it goes but it charged from 67% to full in around 15 minutes (a great improvement).
  3. Black Friday E-mails!

    Yeah it has been a bit manic this year, but as I don't subscribe to too many companies it is manageable.
  4. Yeah the learning curve looks scary, but I will persevere and see how it goes!
  5. Good news! The learning curve can be steep for the more complex features but a good deal I've used the Touch mouse pad on the SP3 for x86 programs and more intricate apps like Excel and it works very well. Obviously best on a purely touchscreen device but could be useful in the HP in tablet mode.
  6. Black Friday E-mails!

    Aside from Black Friday, i have been getting very fed up this year with companies i have willingly subscribed to upping the ante by sending multiple promotional emails every week. Rohan clothing, for instance, were sending two or three advert emails per week until i opted out. The whole "Black Friday " thing is getting completely overblown. A month from now it will be the "Christmas" sales, then the "January" sales .... Meh !
  7. There is a good deal on Hive at the moment, but as our router is downstairs in the extension and the boilder in the loft at the other side of the house no way a Wi-Fi signal will reach!
  8. Black Friday E-mails!

    LOL I've had three only today........
  9. Christmas desires....

    Good deal that man, if only my ears were sensitive enough.........
  10. Shortly after this deal Virgin Mobile, who also use the EE network, offered a slightly better SIM-only deal. £10 for 6GB of monthly data. Now Plusnet have come back fighting, and have matched the Virgin Mobile deal. Because of the Black Friday madness this is only available until November 30th, but you now get unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 6GB of monthly data for just £10. Head here for the offer. Oh and I just rang the very nice people at Plusnet, and they've migrated me on to the new 6Gb deal at zero cost Loving these guys!
  11. Christmas desires....

    I snagged a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature headphones from the Bay on Sunday - lovely. P7s for travelling and P9s for home.... They sound amazing... 2nd hand but brand new - still had the plastic on the ear caps...
  12. How many of these things am I getting, nearly all are getting deleted unread! I must have had 20 so far today, ignoring all the ones building up to it this week! I hope the practise dies out soon, horrible US import...
  13. We currently don't have Hive, so i guess we will be getting a sales call re installation from British Gas as part of this deal. Our current set-up is newish boiler with older controls, so it could work out useful. My understanding is that it connects to the boiler wiring, just as any other electronic thermostat would, then its a case of connecting the wifi box to your router.
  14. Not a problem, we got one too. Be interesting to see how well it integrates into the Echo.
  15. Yep Justice responded last night and advised they were having a few issues, but sent through the link etc. So all good now! Will be trying it out on the x360 tonight.
  16. Last week
  17. Very odd! Mine went through using the standard Windows Store credentials. Justice is generally pretty responsive though.
  18. British Gas Customers you can log on to your account rewards and claim a free Hive hub and light bulb pack (worth £118). They are giving away 39,000 packs on a 1st come basis, they also have an Xmas light deal but can only claim one or the other not both.
  19. Right I've just bought it, but I've had to email Justice directly as the blinking subscription / download page will not accept my details. Grrrr.
  20. You need to go into the Store app and use the in app purchase option from the main menu
  21. Christmas desires....

    Oh I don't have a problem with clothes its' the technology I used to have a Vega leather wallet and a couple of years that was replaces with one from Lakeland, that is doing me nicely for the moment.
  22. Sounds good, I'll be damned if I can work out how to purchase the full package for the $9.99 price though .....
  23. TabletPro is rather a niche product, but a useful one for those who use tablet PCs a lot but want to continue running traditional programs. At its simplest, it can add a 'touchmouse' pad to the screen of any touch enabled Windows PC, but there is a whole lot more available in the form of Artist Pads, custom interfaces etc. The program is is two parts- a downloadable main PC program, and a configuration app via the Windows Store. Purchases of the license are made via the Store app. The developer has spent a lot of time enhancing it over the last few years, and is now on the point of charging a more commercially viable fee for it, to enable further progress to be made. To aid the transition, he is offering the full suite for the next week, at $9.99. Program details are here This is the email outlining the offer, which is open to all: Doubling our prices (Best headline ever) In one week we are going to be changing our pricing. The new price of the total package will be $54.99. This is a big jump and I'd like to explain our thinking. Store App In order to further develop Tablet Pro, we need to increase our funding. I believe the end goal is to have the best software possible, that means adding a number of exciting new features (like automatic layout switching, built in pen button remapping, custom button colors and a host of new awesome improvements) Here is the idea for the price change. We are wanting to increase revenue while doing our best to give our users the best possible deal. Pricing will look like this next Monday. Artist Pad $19.99 (doubles in price) Fullscreen and Gesture $14.99 ($5 additional) Touchzoomdesktop $9.99 Gamepad $9.99 ($5 additional) Total Price Valued @ $54.99 Full package price $34.99 This is a good discount for the whole package. Most of the time however, we plan on putting the discounted full package price at a steeper discount at $27.49 (50% off for a limited time). In practical terms this is a price increase of $1.50 over the current full package price of $25.99. We feel that this price will more effectively convince new users to opt for the whole package with more confidence in its value. So, why am I telling you? It occurred to me that some of our current users may have bought one or part of our software and upgrading from a single purchase to the Full package doesn't make sense as the price doesn't adjust to compensate for your previous purchase. So this week only we are doing the Full Package for $9.99 It's important to me that we honor and do our best to treat our current and future users well. I hope this pricing change makes sense to you. Our goal is to increase profits enough for Takashi to make improving Tablet Pro his full time job. This will benefit all of us greatly. 😁 Please share this sale with as many people as possible (Reddit) and any news sites or social communities you feel would post an article. We want to grow and continue to develop Tablet Pro at an increased speed for everyone's benefit! Thank you for being a fantastic community to serve, and for those celebrating, have a wonderful thanksgiving! Justice Frangipane
  24. Christmas desires....

    I do holiday lists too !! The best tip i ever heard for travelling, is, just before you close the lid of the suitcase you mentally run through your wardrobe from the ground up, to check its there in the case. So, for example, you picture in your mind and check off : " Shoes x 2 pairs, socks x 4 pairs, jeans x 1, trousers x 1, swim shorts x 1, belts x 2, grunts x 3 pairs, t shirts, smart shirts etc,etc " Its a great way of triggering if you have forgotten anything. You can also go through scenarios like travelling to and from airport / going out for meals / by the pool Wallet wise, i am onto my second Tumi wallet, after the first one finally gave into years of abuse. Tumi stuff is stupidly expensive, but is super tough. I still have a Tumi messenger bag which is around 15 years old and is only showing wear on the shoulder pad and at the bottom edges. https://uk.tumi.com/p/tumi-id-lock™-global-double-billfold-0119230DID
  25. Christmas desires....

    I can imagine you should see the packing lists I generate for holidays, each varies depending on the class of the property, whether a full cottage or a B&B etc. No doubt if I do end up with any of these devices they'll be added to the lists Don't get me on the wallet routes, I keep thinking of investing in one of the modern clasp type holders but alas not viable for the moment as I've still got a real driving license (i.e. original paper one held together with cellotape and luck).
  26. Samsung DeX arrived

    Fingers crossed mate!
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