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  2. A-Gps and GLONASS, apparently. I always seems to get fast and accurate fixs using Google maps.
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  4. That is one heck of a decent machine for that price Does the chipset include GPS ?
  5. The price went back up to £299 in a few days, but this weekend both John Lewis and PC World have dropped the price of the Zenpad 500M to just £199. I don't know if this is a temporary ASUS sponsored promotion, but its a fantastic tablet for that price. Mine has been fantastic in use. Its very fast and smooth and a great screen + 24bit hi-res audio including Dolby for movies.
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  7. SquareHome 2 launcher

    I've not been able to get the small image myself as a default picture. As XYZ says that is a viable work around but I've found that does not work in all situations either.
  8. SquareHome 2 launcher

    I may know. In editing mode for Square Home 2, you add a cube and then add an app. To add another app to the cube, swipe right on the cube in editing mode (don't drag it, just swipe it), and it will give you the option to add another app. That should do it!
  9. SquareHome 2 launcher

    Hi! I just started using SquareHome2 and I'm really happy with both functionality and appearance. One thing I would like to tweak, though: Is it possible to not have a full contact image on a tile with a contact shortcut? I've found the setting "Animate full image" and when this is checked, the tile will alter between a full image and a small image. If unchecked, I only get the full image. I would like to just have the small image, to harmonize the look with the other tiles. Any help is greatly appreciated
  10. Android Apps we use

    Hmm right, I'll do some more investigating!
  11. Android Apps we use

    I have always found The Weather Channel reliable, but stopped using the app in the past as it was a bit of a battery killer
  12. Android Apps we use

    Hm I'd forgotten that the BBC Weather had switched over to using Meteo, and I have been using the BBC app lately and finding it pretty descent, that answers that question I guess then I will add the Weather Outlook site to my list of sites to check though so something gained there!
  13. Android Apps we use

    Agreed about the App, though its notifications do provide a quick link to the weather news updates. I think they simply lack the resources to develop anything more elaborate. Website content and forum has some good stuff though! Unfortunately, new registrations to the forum are currently suspended, though content viewing is allowed Of course, Meteo also now provide BBC Weather's data since they dropped the UK Met Office as supplier.
  14. Android Apps we use

    Thanks Neil, Foreca is what I've been considering as a data source in TWC, I'll stick with it Hmm, I'm not that impressed with the Weather Outlook app, very basic and looks dated, I will pay attention though to the web page itself that looks pretty decent.
  15. Android Apps we use

    I use Foreca as the source in Transparent Weather and Clock , though there is also a dedicated app. The Weather Outlook is a 'hobbyist' service run by Brian Gaze ("Buzz") who operates from Berkhamstead in Hertfordshire. He uses Meteo as one of his major sources. Regional forecasts are not that comprehensive, but his analyses and general trend prediction are excellent. The Google App is here
  16. Android Apps we use

    Hmm a bit of experimentation needed with Foreca and Meteo needed then. The Weather Outlook I've never used, I can't see any apps on the site? Yep I get Rostherne No2 for my location as well. So not that good either I guess. So which weather service are you finding as being most viable Mike for our area?
  17. SquareHome 2 launcher

    If you edit the tile you can use the settings on it to point to the camera album.
  18. SquareHome 2 launcher

    How to I get my photos to scroll. I cannot find the setting to make it point to my camera roll folder.
  19. Android Apps we use

    The Met office app /website is hit and miss, depending on which weather station is deemed nearest to your stated location. They only seem to have 200 weather stations now for the whole of the UK. The Manchester region, for instance, uses Rostherne No2 automatic station quite a lot, which can be 20 odd miles away from some parts of Manchester, and in a very rural location ( approx 5 miles from Manchester Airport, en route to Knutsford). The next one up is Rochdale !! If you enter a location into the Met Office website or App and then select "last 24 hours", it will then tell you which reporting station is used for that location. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/climate-network/#?tab=climateNetwork
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    Neither of mine would
  21. Android Apps we use

    To be honest I've never found Met Office forcasts to be particularly accurate. In my region I stil find Foreca and Meteo the best, and if I need a full commentary or analysis go to The Weather Outlook
  22. Smartwatch + smartphone?

    Interesting concept but I suspect doomed to failure for being neither one thing or the other.
  23. Smartwatch + smartphone?

    Not for me... If I didn't want to haul my phone out, I'd just have a Bluetooth headset handy....
  24. Android Apps we use

    As a matter of interest I'm am alpha / beta tester for Transparent Clock and Weather and I am still continually pushing for them to use Met Office data as a UK option. Evidently the dataset is not considered rich enough and does not cover outside of the UK.
  25. Miss

    Heck that makes it even worse LOL.
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  27. Smartwatch + smartphone?

    I just read this article about a smartwatch that can also be used as a smartphone: http://www.techradar.com/news/this-smartwatch-detaches-from-your-wrist-to-turn-into-a-phone It looks kinda strange but it might work? Imagine not having to carry a smartphone all the time!
  28. Miss

    Even one of my Kids wouldn't qualify!
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