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  2. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    I'm still a ways off. Anyone who's up for it is welcome. If I find a way to send the app. It's all very new to me. I can export the app to work independently from Tasker on my phone, but haven't looked into how to share it yet. And the app is still incomplete. I have fallen in a loop where I keep thinking of added functionality that I want to try to shoehorn in. I'm currently working on a setting that will allow you to chose if you want to save your pictures by county, city, street or full adress. I've got it mostly sorted out, but I still need to figure out how to store the picture in say the country folder or the full adress folder based on the current settings. It's not so much that it's especially difficult to achieve, but I need to be able to clear my mind and focus on it for a longer period of time. I've also come to realize that all android phones use the same path to store their pictures in, so that's convenient for me.
  3. Need advice on how to erase my Android phone

    If you just need to delete photos or other files on your Android phone, you can easy to use Android Manager tool for this, it can help you easy to transfer, edit and delete Android files. If you want to delete data forever, the professional data eraser tool is needed.
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  5. News: Google aquires 2,000 HTC staff in $1.1bn deal

    Indeed I used a lot of HTC phones as well, losing interest in where they went after the HTC One (M7). From there I went Nokia, Lumia and now Samsung. In their they were top notch!
  6. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    How many of us do you want for testing?
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  8. News: Google aquires 2,000 HTC staff in $1.1bn deal

    HTC were exciting way back then. XDA Orbit was my first smartphone in (?) 2007. Still got it somewhere. My only regret is not chopping it in for a Touch Diamond, because i really liked the look of that phone. Eventually got the Orbit 2, which was a great phone ( still got that somewhere, too... ). Remember being totally blown away by the form factor and build quality of both my HTC Sensation and then the HD2. The following M7 was amazing also. I understand the M8 and M9 were not so impressive, but i do like the HTC 10 i have currently got, it is slim and quick. Paid £450 sim-free in the HTC summer promotion last August (when i got to the point of wanting to throw my Lumia 950 across the room) and have been very impressed by very capable HTC 10. It is genuinely the end of an era for HTC i think.
  9. F*£ %£ Bixby............

    Well I cleared the data on the Bixby app today and I still can't get it to hear me when I look to train it for voice waking. Grr....
  10. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    It's still a bit early for testing, but if anyone would be willing to share what android phone they have and where pictures are stored by default, both internally and externally that would be of great help.
  11. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Fantastic work! You must have a very organised mind If you need any testing to be carried out, staff members here would be only too willing to assist!
  12. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Time for a new update. I'm slowly getting all my pieces of the puzzle to work. Just need to stay focused and complete the puzzle now. What I can do by now: - I can track where pictures are stored and get the path for my own use. - i can check which images were taken after a certain time, this will help me track which pictures are taken at a certain location as I could keeep track of pictures taken only since arriving at a location. - I can copy (and delete) said images. - I can track location, get the adress, check if that directory exists and if not create it. I can meassure the distance between 2 locations. Now I just need to figure how best to stitch everything together and see what problems thus will throw at me. Then I'll need to design the UI and presto, my app is ready for testing. How hard could it be?
  13. F*£ %£ Bixby............

    Oh it works well enough and runs the commands I speak. It's just the extra training it wants for the voice wake option (not that I'd use it much). Everything else seems to run flawlessly. I'll try a reboot tomorrow and see how it fares.
  14. News: Google aquires 2,000 HTC staff in $1.1bn deal

    Indeed, we can hope so and we remember those good old days - we were there for them
  15. Note 8...

    .. okay we're now back from the break (and I've made this topic public). The phone is continuing to be awesome. Great in the hand and fast and smooth. All my apps are flying on it and the camera is a joy to use. I'm even considering reading up on photography so I can get the basics down solid and play with the camera in 'Pro' mode. Features on the Note 8 that I'm really loving are: S Pen - being able to makes notes which the screen is off which I can pin on the AOD screen. This was used a lot while on holiday. S Pen - Smart select has been used to grab text out of a photo via recognition and paste it into OneNote - awesome S Pen - Bixby vision has been invoked to find out what a shrub was that we were interested in. S Pen - has even got me changing back to the Samsung keyboard so I can switch to input via stylus, I may have hard to read hand writing but it works very well indeed. Take me back to the 'good old days' of entering text on a Palm PDA S Pen - Working with glance and minimised apps New unlock system - simple one but when entering a PIN not having to hit OK afterwards New unlock system - much nicer slide action to dismiss the lock screen Having enough room to use multiple opened apps on screen at once, either as individual windows or multi-screen Flipping brilliant camera which is even better than the S7e and 6S No accidental operation of the launcher when holding the phone in the hand So very much a happy bunny!
  16. F*£ %£ Bixby............

    That is strange because since the update on my GS8, Bixby voice has been working really well - the training completed fine and all the commands I've tried have executed pretty effectively.
  17. News: Google aquires 2,000 HTC staff in $1.1bn deal

    Maybe the cash injection will give HTC the impetus to continue phone development. Of course, HTC started the whole mainstream smartphone revolution with the Wallaby, aka the O2 XDA and continued for years as exclusively on OEM producer.
  18. F*£ %£ Bixby............

    Now I'm a proud Galaxy Note 8 user I've of course gained a new friend.... Bixby. At this time of course we're only a little way into our friendship..... So far the dedicated button tab brings up the Bixby cards, I can live with that, pressing and holding the Bixby button to invoke the ability to give voice commands to Bixby, all working well so far..... BUT..... No matter what I do try to and train Bixby for voice wake up I keep getting Bixby can't hear you. This is despite changing various grips to hold the phone, different want of speaking, different accents, an all sorts of voice volumes.... but no go. Anyone got any ideas? Or do I have to wait until the UK voice is officially supported?
  19. News: Google aquires 2,000 HTC staff in $1.1bn deal

    A sad but not unexpected end to HTC's phone development. In years gone by they had produced some top technology.
  20. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Ah right, definitely limitations to be worked around then....
  21. News: Google aquires 2,000 HTC staff in $1.1bn deal

    It seems a lot of money but pocket change to Google and a small fraction of the $12Bn they paid for Motorola Mobility. The Microsoft/Nokia episode was in a different category- Microsoft were looking for a magic pill to rectify years of bad decisions in the mobile arena, and the Nokia acquisition was just another example of poor decision making and loss of opportunity. There are still some compelling positive points to both MSFT's mobile hardware and software but corporate ineptitude has failed to deliver these to the wider consumer base.
  22. News: Google aquires 2,000 HTC staff in $1.1bn deal

    I can see why they would want to go in this direction. Just look how well MS fared with its acquisition of Nokia.
  23. Google has announced that it is spending $1.1bn (£820m) to acquire the team that developed its Pixel smartphone, released in 2016. This means about 2,000 HTC employees, which represent half of HTC's existing smartphone development workforce, will move to Google as a result of the acquisition. This is part of Googles effort to expand its smartphone business with in-house design and production.
  24. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    Yes I could make it so, but where's the fun in that? I could kindly ask the user to select where their camera stores their pictures and save that path. I was really hoping I could ask the user to smile, after which I'd retrieve the path from the new jpg I had the app create. edit: seems the built in browser can only read internal memory... So that's no sollution either, unless I first build a file browser myself. I'm currently looking into Java, but again, no experience so it's taking a while to figure anything out. There are a bunch of plugins created by third parties you can use, but you can't export them in your own app. It'll require the end user to install the same plugin, and some of them are not free. You can also use Java or run shell commands, but I have zero programming knowledge.
  25. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    A lot of phones do store photos in different locations and of course some use a memory card and some don't. Could you devise a 'first time use only' sub routine that offers the user a file location dialogue selector which could then be saved for subsequent use?
  26. Note 8 photos

    It was - home made and delicious Indeed, I was thinking of purchasing a compact camera next year, but from what I've seen from the Note 8 so far that is now on the back burner
  27. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    I guess there is no API that you can call which will give you that data?
  28. Recreating the Winphone 'Glance' screen in Android

    I'm still toiling away at my Tasker app. It's a bit of an uphill struggle. But so was Automate and I got it working there. I figured I'd start out with the difficult stuff, getting Tasker to check and create the necessairy directories. Turns out that was the easy part. Automate can tell your camera app to send taken pictures to a file including variables, Tasker can not. So you have to have Tasker manually copy them to where you want to be and then delete the original. This isn't too hard when you're creating this task for your own personal use, as I'm able to figure out where my camera stores them myself. However, since I want to make this into a standalone app, I have to find a way for tasker to get the path on its own. It'd be a far stretch to assume that all android phones and camera apps use the exact same folder? So far I haven't had any luck. I figured I could have tasker take a picture on its own, which it could then track through the filename. But having Tasker sift through my whole internal and external storage is taking ages, so that won't do. Once I've figured this out, I then need to find a way to see what pictures were taken just now, as I don't want to move all the pictures over to a location folder, only those actually taken just now at that location. I've seen a few examples of how people do this, but I'll have to try it out to see if it's usefull for what I'm trying to achieve.
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