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Found 3 results

  1. Products: Brodit Active holder USB with cig-plug adaptor [Product 521999] for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Brodit ProClip Mount [Product 604765] for the Peugeot 2008 Our good friends over at DSL Developments have supplied us with a Brodit Active holder USB with cig-plug for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Brodit Mount for the Peugeot 2008. The mount in question is the Active model which is suitable for powering via a cigarette lighter socket (Product code: 521999). The lead terminates in a USB B connection which fits into the cig plug adaptor. This also means that the USB B connector can be removed from the supplied adaptor and plugged directly into the Peugeot 2008's USB A socket thereby enabling the MirrorScreen / AndroidAuto features on the Note 8. Note: 'cig-plug' in these politically correct times should be renamed 'accessory socket', but Brodit still use the 'cig-plug' description Both items arrived packaged in the usual Brodit plastic bags. The holder bag contained the mount itself with the integral USB lead, the cig lighter adaptor, instructions and a bag of mounting screws. The back of the holder has the standard Brodit 'universal mount' which allows the holder to swivel so it can be positioned with respect to orientation once in the car. The inside of the mount has moulded grooves which are tailored to fit the exact profile of the Note 8. The USB C male connection at the base lines up exactly with the female connector on the bottom of the phone. The 'active' lead exits via a moulded flexible grommet in the base / back of the holder and Brodit have angled the exit port through 90 degrees so it comes out at the back of the holder - this ensures that the active cable is forced backwards towards the dashboard, thereby reducing the chance of the cable interfering with any controls you may wish to access when driving. The Brodit Mount bag contained the mount itself, instructions, and alcohol wipe pad. The inner 'grip' planes on the ProClip are lined with 3M adhesive pads to ensure a good strong fit onto the car! This model of ProClip is designed to sit between the air vents to the right of the drivers steering wheel (UK RHD car). The 'grip planes' lock onto the bottom (1) and top (2) of the vents respectively. Prior to snapping the gripping arms into place all mating surfaces should be wiped with the alcohol wipe to degrease them and the red protective strips peeled from the 3M pads. The ProClip is fitted by hooking the angled edge on the upper part of the ProClip over the lower edge of the air vent. Then pulling the ProClip towards you and hooking the angled edge on the lower part under the upper edge of the air vent. It sounds complex but it is straight forward and completed in seconds. Next comes the fitting of the mount. Unscrew the central adjustment screw from the universal joint to separate the back part of the mount from the front. Take the back part of the mount and line up the 4 mounting holes with the pre-drilled location holes in the ProClip (there are two positions you can use which share a pair of central holes), then using the 4 mounting screws provided screw it into position. Then place the front part of the mount back on top of the universal joint and tighten the central screw. Ensure you leave a little looseness, or 'play', in the joint so you can adjust the angle of the mount. Once in position I fed the USB cable behind and over the steering wheel console so that it popped out next to the central console and I was then able to plug it into the cars USB socket. The Note 8 can then be slotted into the mount and engaged on the USB C power connector. Finally the angle of the mount can be adjusted to allow both easy entry of the Note 8 into the mount and good (and safe) visibility when driving! The Note 8 was removed and the central screw fully tightened. Job done! Note the USB charger supplied does not have the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology built in (which would allow it to allow it to "talk" to the phone and negotiate a quick charge session), so if you want to gain Fast charging, you need to replace that part of the Brodit system. In the car I use an 'AUKEY Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger 36W 2 Ports USB', as seen here on Amazon which does enable Fast charging. This means I can use the Brodit mounting system either in quick charge mode by placing the USB lead into the AUKEY charger, or opt for a slower charge and have the MirrorScreen / AndroidAuto functions on the Note 8 active via the cars USB port - the best of both worlds! On the 2017 model of the Peugeot 2008 the cig port and USB port are next to each other. Conclusion: Brodit have maintained their reputation for designing first class smartphone mounts; and as always the service provided by DSL Developments goes above and beyond expectations. Pros and Cons: A good sturdy holder designed by experts Holds the phone securely and firmly in the holder even when driving at speed on rough road surfaces Ensures a reasonable level of power for operation when making calls or navigating Designed specifically for the Galaxy Note 8 Good access to the buttons on all sides of the phone Active lead exits the housing behind the mount Not cheap, but this is a premier bracket for a premier phone Brodit could have supplied a Fast charge power adaptor as standard Details: Supplier: DSL Developments Model: Brodit Active holder USB with cig-plug adaptor [Product 521999] for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model: Brodit ProClip Mount (Peugeot 2008) [Product 604765] for the Peugeot 2008 (2017)
  2. Giffgaff are now offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SIM free for £819, it's available in black or gold. I've not seen the price as low as that, so I pulled the trigger and bought the black version. I could be waiting too long for a deep sea blue version! Full information here. View full article
  3. Note 8 photos

    A few example photos taken on the Note 8. 1) A gentle stroll through fields surrounding Benthal Hall in Shropshire 2) Which became very scary when the trees cleared to how the Power Station down in the gorge. This was unexpected, and mind blowing, lots of vertigo type feelings while looking down onto the pylons and tops of the cooling towers. 3) A perfect opportunity to try out the physical 2x zoom. 4) Continuing through the woods and great to see the camera caught the streams of sunlight breaking through. 5) A doorway in the cottage garden at Benthal Hall with the autumn colours starting to break through. 6) First chance to try and see how flowers looked. 7) And then the auto-zoom. Very impressed I was here. that is an 8 honestly. And finally into 'Food Mode' to take a shot of a scone and cream in the tea garden. All the above are taken in 'auto' modes as I'm no photographer, and I've got to say I'm very impressed with the camera on the Note 8. Got to be the best I've had on a phone yet!