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Noreve Tradition E case for Microsoft Lumia 950XL & 950XL Dual Sim

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Noreve Tradition E case for Microsoft Lumia 950XL & 950XL Dual Sim

It has been a very long time since I have had the opportunity to review a Noreve case, if memory serves me correctly, it probably takes me back to the halcyon days of Windows Mobile at its height. Reminiscing aside, another opportunity to indulge in the Noreve experience presented itself on my recent O2 contract upgrade to a Microsoft Lumia 950XL... Do Noreve still produce quality cases, read on to find out...

Supplier: Noreve

Price: From €45.00, €65.00 as reviewed

Based in St. Tropez, Noreve produce a range of cases for mobile devices, covering Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 players and cameras. Noreve also offer a range of customisation options, allowing you, the customer to select the Leather texture, colour and internal lining (where relevant) when you order your chosen product from their website.


The website also offers purchase options of having a plastic or metal quick release belt clip system incorporated into your chosen case for €7 or €15.


Noreve offer book style, pouch and rear shell cases for Lumia 950 and 950XL Smartphones in both their single & dual-sim variants. The price includes free worldwide shipping. For an additional €6, you can also have your purchase gift-wrapped.


From experience, Noreve have always produced quality products and that sense of quality is the first thing that struck me on receiving the Noreve package. On removing the standard courier bag, I was presented with an exceptional sight. Probably the smartest box I have seen, solid in construction & well finished. Inside the box an equally impressive draw-string and contained within that the subject of this review.


The case in question is the Noreve Tradition E, a rear-shell type unit. First impressions on handling the unit again suggested solid construction made from fine materials.


My particular Tradition E case is made from Nubuck suede-like leather, which is part of Noreve's 'Exception' range, with the main outer colour being Sable Vintage.


The exterior suede-leather is matched with an interior lining stamped with the Noreve brand-name and matched in a very complimentary colour known as 'Marron'.


Being a rear-shell type case, the Tradition E affords maximum protection to the back of the device, whilst leaving the clear, bright & enormous screen of the 950XL completely unfettered.


Starting at the top of the case, there is a single cut-out giving access to the headphone socket. The cut-out provides ample access, which means that even headphones with the largest jack-plug will fit comfortably in place.


Moving swiftly to the right-hand side, once again, the cut-outs in the Tradition E case are extremely generous. This affords easy access to the volume, power and camera buttons. I found the space around the camera button to be very effective in allowing quick snaps to be taken, as the case itself did not hinder the pressing of the button in any way. Also note the high-grip on the sides of the device, this ensures that the 950XL is held firmly in place and should serve to provide some protection should the unfortunate happen and the device take a fall face first/


Switching over to the left-hand side, the case, like the 950XL contained within, does not sport any interruption in its line. Like the right-hand side, the left also exhibits the same high-grip on the 950XL, holding it snugly & firmly in place. The 950XL will not be escaping from its clutches without some manual intervention.


Continuing on to the bottom, once again, the same spacious access is also afforded to the USB type 'C' connector. Note that the case does not grip the bottom of the 950XL in the same way as the sides. This does not serve to lessen the fit in any way that I have noticed whilst using the case day-to-day.


Flipping over to the back of the case is where you can appreciate the full quality of the unit. The single piece of virtually uninterrupted suede-like leather is impressive to the eye! In some ways it is a pity that there are cut-outs for the camera, speaker and microphones. Despite the thickness of the material used, the Tradition E did not interfere with wireless charging via my Nokia DT-900 QI charging plate that sits on my bedside table.


Focusing in on the back, at the top of the device, the cut-outs for the 950XL speaker, camera and microphone are well-executed. The finish of the cut-outs is superb and the location is spot-on and well within tolerance for providing the necessary access for each feature. Especially the relatively small microphone hole.


Moving down the back to the bottom of the device, the same excellent execution is afforded to the lower microphone. A key part of any case is to allow access to critical device functionality, especially when making calls.


One thing I have noticed is that whilst using the Tradition E is that the 950XL felt a lot larger in the hand. I believe this is because the case itself is of extremely robust construction, with a generous thickness applied to increase protection due to the nature of the rear-shell type and the coverage it affords. I will admit that I didn't quite enjoy the feeling of increased size, the 950XL is large enough in its native form.



That being said, the Noreve Tradition E is a gorgeous case. The quality and craftsmanship is both evident and impressive, as it has been ever since the time I first reviewed a Noreve case. The construction is thick, the leather is luxurious and the finish is just excellent. All ports and buttons easily accessible with no drop in signal strength that I could see whilst in use. Noreve have created another product that I would be happy to recommend.


:tu: High quality suede-like leather finish.

:tu: Excellent construction and fit.

:tu: QI wireless charging uninterrupted.


:td: Adds some weight and bulk to the Lumia 950XL

:td: A high price, but reflected in the quality of the unit.

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