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New device!

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tonybro    371

As has been mentioned, I am intensely disappointed in Microsoft effectively putting Windows Phone on the back burner for now meaning no real developments in handsets and applications have been forthcoming.

I've given my Galaxy S7 a run for a week now using Nougat 7.0 but I still cannot get along with it. The Galaxy S7 is lovely the OS less so (imho).

As my old Lumia 930 that my wife used was playing up and she always gets my old cast-offs (she's been using my 950XL for the last week, hence me using the S7), she decided she wanted a new phone and wanted iPhone after having a play with my son's 6 Plus.

So went to the Trafford Centre last evening and she has secured a 128GB Rose Gold iPhone 7 (unlocked naturally) and whilst there I was pondering the iPhone 7 Plus in Matt Black, also 128GB. Anyway we both walked out with new devices. :wink:

So now I'm re-acquainting myself with the iOS foibles and idiosyncracies of which there are many, just like Android, just like Windows Phone 10!

My biggest gripe, which I already knew about before buying, is the fact there is no back button so you are always having to jump to the top of the screen to go back a level. Not great for one-handed use!

So after using all three OS's over the last couple of weeks I can categorically state my preference is still with Windows Phone 10, then iOS, then, sorry to say, Android. However, NONE are perfect! All have their weaknesses, all have their strengths but for my usage, the above stands... :-)

Good thing is the 7 Plus fits the holder for my 950XL as it is just a holder, no power...

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fowljr    340

Blimey Tony, didn't think you would migrate to the even darker side! Lol

But I totally agree, I've been playing with the old iPhone 5 I have here whilst beta testing the Android 7.1.1 release on the OnePlus 3. I must say that iOS just has that edge over Android in terms of usability & things just working.

My ultimate problem is that I still like all three. The 950XL is connected to work and gets used in that manner with a secondary SIM for work & VPN related connectivity, my main work SIM now flips between iOS & Android as a daily comms device. Only downside is having to use Blackberry Work, (formerly Good for Enterprise), to access corporate email when I don't have the 950XL to hand...


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The Guru    1,458
The Guru

The iPhone is a decent machine I still use my 6S daily, but the OS iunterface kills me dead. That is why I prefer Android. When the iPhone 8 / Note 8 are out though some hard decisions will be made. Still likely it'll be Note 8 as the usability with the S3 (or S4) is so much better on the Android platform.

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