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News: Joe Belfiore says Windows 10 Mobile features and hardware are no longer a focus

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The Guru
14 hours ago, tonybro said:

I'd stay away from Lenovo too - in fact all of the OEMs in their race to the bottom have caused their support to drop off a cliff. :-(

This is what MS don't 'get'. Hardware won't make you the margins but it sure as hell pulls through the other services/support - lose the hardware and you give the buyer NO reason to use your services.

MS had the clout and financial muscle to keep Windows Phone 10 rolling - it could have been the third OS but with a healthy 20% market share and adopted by Corporates/Enterprises (like the one I work for) with some pull through from consumers (techies!).

Oh dear, so I guess it has to be Dell then!

14 hours ago, neilm said:

At least my 3 year old SP3 is still getting useful, regular updates!

Lucky man I wish my SP2 was!

14 hours ago, tonybro said:

The race to the bottom has stifled all support from all OEMs - most have outsourced it, including the warranty engineering services. I see it in the global bids that come across my desk - most global enterprises are now including more resellers in their hardware tendering process as they believe they can get better support that way.

Rumour is MS will drop Surface line new sales/development in 2019. Problem is none of the OEMs are close to getting anything out that is in any way comparable yet - HP have come close. If it was me and buying now, I would still buy Surface Pro/Laptop.

Not good news on any front at all. Surface was a shining star!

13 hours ago, neilm said:

It is amazing that on SPG we are mainly either IT professionals or interested/knowledgeable amateurs, and we have been discussing these issues and predicting the possible outcomes ever since the dumping of Windows Phone 6.1!

Why can't the big wigs see beyond the edge of their noses?  :)

Indeed, or listen to use guys out in the real world, been saying it for yeas we have.

11 hours ago, tonybro said:

No shock from anyone here, Boz. Just dismay that MS have cocked it up again! They haven't learnt any  lessons over the years.

Xbox division keeps getting mooted as a possible sell-off as it is wholly consumer, nothing Enterprise in that whatsoever but they keep insisting they are not going to sell it. Well, we'll see... :wink:

The thing is now, MS is not only losing credibility they are now also losing the trust of their faithful. That's the real danger...

100% right there, I no longer consider myself a Microsoft guy, feel so let down by them!

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